Death on the Dun

About Paul Knowles, Author of "Death on the Dun"

Paul Knowles, author of "Death on the Dun"

Paul Knowles, author of "Death on the Dun"

Paul Knowles has written more than 15 books, including whimsical books about gardening, niche histories, travel and humour. "Death on the Dun" is his first full-length work of fiction.

He also has written gardening, humour, travel and feature articles for publications including Exchange Magazine, The Toronto Sun, Forever Young Information, The Ottawa Citizen,, the New Hamburg Independent and many other periodicals.

He is executive director of the award-winning New Hamburg Live! Festival of the Arts, which he co-founded with his wife, Nancy, in 2009.

Paul also has a busy schedule as a guest speaker to gardening and community organizations.

He is a community volunteer, and a recipient of the Governor General's Medal on the occasion of Canada's 125th anniversary, and more recently, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal. The citation at the Medal Presentation Ceremony read:

"Renowned author and historian with a passion for the arts and community service, Paul co-founded the New Hamburg Live! Festival of the Arts with his wife, Nancy. With Paul as the Executive Director, the festival has grown over the past five years and is now attracting performers from around the world. Paul is a vocal spokesperson for the community in the battle to keep Highway 7 and 8 in its current route and configuration through New Hamburg. Paul is a founder of the New Hamburg Flood Relief Fund, raising $60,000 for victims of the Nith River Flood. Paul served as President of the New Hamburg Board of Trade for five years."

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